Zujey D' Jesus - Drummer Z

Zujey D’ Jesus is a Venezuelan drummer, singer, percussionists, cuatro player, and composer born in the city of Mérida and with extensive experience in the musical field of his country. 

Fueled with an insatiable passion for the drums, he artfully combines various styles of drumming such as rock, pop, funk, reggae, and Latin. Zujey began singing and playing the cuatro (four-string guitar) at age 4 and drums at age 15. Zujey also plays the guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, timbales, congas, bongos and other percussion instruments. 

He has performed with many Latin Grammy’s winners and nominees. In 2008 she performed as a special guest with the Coral Cantigas and The Washington Chorus at the Kennedy Center and The Strathmore. In 2009 Zujey became the drummer and backing vocalist for the original electric rock band, Woven Green. 

Zujey, also known as “Drummer Z”, first got the attention of Wicked Jezabel back in 2008 only to reunite in late 2023, but this time, returning as the new full time wicked drummer!  Drummer Z has plenty of punch, experience and skill to be a driving force to be reckoned now in the back line of Wicked Jezabel!