Wicked Drummers

Melissa "TWITCH" Shaver

TWITCH has been on the local music scene since 2014 and has loved every minute of it! She started playing music at the age of 6, first the piano, next the viola, then came guitar, and finally, there was percussion. She was a part of the high school concert band and co-captain for the high school marching band drum-line. Twitch fell in love with playing the drums at 16 She started playing with “Living the Dream” out of Bristow, VA., in 2014 for sound check purposes. Within 6 months , she was one of their drummers and became the face behind the skins that was always smiling.

In 2017, she became an active member of the Bodybuilding world and earned her Pro Card with the OCB in Women’s Physique—at her FIRST SHOW. Later after playing several gigs with a few other local VA. Bands, and with over 200 songs in her head to play AND five bodybuilding shows later, she made it to the end of 2018. ...

... AND THEN IT HAPPENED (drumroll - CRASH!!!!) ....!!! One of Wicked Jezabel’s infamous sound subs, Eddie Kaplan, name dropped Twitch to another staff of Wicked Jezebel knowing that we were looking for another female drummer for 2019. Davi and Pauline had to go check it out! They knew right away, she could be a potential fit if she was available! It turned out that Twitch has been followed Wicked Jezabel for several years and was very excited at the thought of being on stage with us! So, now with even MORE songs being added to her head, she is now on the wicked team AND if you ask ,she might just show you exactly why they call her TWITCH!!

Jackie Yuille

Jackie Yuille is a formally trained drummer who started playing at the age of ten. She has gone on to perform in jazz band ensembles and churches.  She marched professionally with the Bayrunners Drum & Bugle Corp., the Keystone Indoor Drumline Association, and the Baltimore Colts Marching Band. She received the US Marine Corp Semper Fi Award for Excellence in Music. Since her marching career, she has performed with several other ensembles.  She played with local all-female band, Compliments of George, as rhythm guitarist for six years, occasionally filling in on drums. Grinding away at the skins is her true passion, and she’s excited to show her skills as one of Wicked Jezebel’s newest drummers.