Award winning Wicked Jezabel, founded in the Washington DC area by Pauline and Davi AnsonDross has been proudly serving the Mid Atlantic area since 2004.  Wicked Jezabel dynamically delivers hits from the 60's dance-able Motown era, 70's Disco & classic rock mix, the wicked 80's, to the grun​gy/techno 90's with a "tad" of today. Awards and acknowledgments: two Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) awards and The BEST of Gay DC 2013, 2017, crossing our fingers for 2018, and runner up in 2014 by The Washington Blade. Wicked Jezabel proudly and regularly donates a percentage of income to local, national and international animal rescues, as well as other important humanitarian issues!  

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Best of Gay DC 2018 Nominations! 

It's that time of year again!  Thanks to your incredible support, we were honored to be voted Best of Gay DC last year!  Now, we're once again asking you to show your support and help us get nominated in 2018!  It's easy and only takes a few minutes each day.  

1. Follow the link to  
2. Click the "Start Voting" button.  
3. Scroll down to "Best Local Singer or Band"  
4. Type in Wicked Jezabel  
5. Do the same for anybody else you want to nominate in other categories!  
6. Scroll all the way down to where it says "Please enter a valid email address."  
7. Enter your email address.  You can enter once per day per email address.  
8. Click "Finish Voting".  That's it, you're done!  

You can enter once per day with each email address you use.  Voting ends August 30th.  

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Private Party

All Hallow's Eve Pirate Ball

JV's Restaurant, 6666 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22042

Avast! The merry crew of the Wicked Jezabel be maraudin' JV's fer a jolly night o' plunderin' and a'pillagin'! Come as a hearty buccaneer, corsair, or scallywag! Or jes come as yerself, if yer already a scurvy dog! Har! Ya might e'en win a prize if da crew thinks yer a fearsome 'nuff scoundrel!

Wicked Jezabel Generic Flyer Need to promote an upcoming Wicked Jezabel show? Please download and print this 11"x17" (tabloid) size flyer. 2.57 MB